About Our Team

Athens GA Internet Marketing

If we talk about promotion of a brand image, there are myriad ways to support ones products. In today’s world, what matters is which is the most effective way to promote your business!

If you are stuck between the dilemmas of opting for the best medium to outsource your brands, try exploring the possibilities of the internet media
rather than the traditional press media.

Our Internet Marketing team is proud to serve the businesses in and arount the greater Athens Georgia area.

Meet our Athens Georgia Internet Marketing team:


Chris Manning

Chris Manning, CEO


Internet Marketing Blog Design

Chris Zimmerman, Advanced Blog Design


Internet Marketing Graphic Design

Jennifer Mielke, Graphic Design


Internet Marketing Videographer

David Grubb, Videographer


Internet Marketing Digital Photography

Matt Lovell, Digital & Event Photography



Internet Marketing Sales

Tony Blackburn, Regional Sales

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